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Pure Rosella Hibiscus Tea Leaves - Full Petals (W) - 240g

Pure Rosella Hibiscus Tea Leaves - Full Petals (W) - 240g

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This is truly a unique infusion that you would not find with any other product. Rosella Hibiscus Sabdariffa is a plant from egypt which brews into a strong red liquor with an aroma like no other. It has a bold flavour with a strong tannin that lingers on. 

As a herbal tea product, it is popular for health benefits such as lowering high blood presure, reducing cholesterol with its Antioxidant properties and other benefits as well. 

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1 teaspoon per 200ml, brew 3 minutes in water at 100 degrees Celsius,

Additions: Non, best served plain

Flavour: Traditional, herbal 
Strength: Strong

Ingredients: Pure Hibisci Flores

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