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Premium Black OP Ceylon Tea - 200g

Premium Black OP Ceylon Tea - 200g

  • $26.95

The Premium Black - Pure Ceylon Tea is an enigmatic tea for the mornings. It contains high levels of Anti-oxidents than its counterparts and is dripping with health perks. So try our English Breakfast Tea to find out why it is endearingly loved.

This is a classic, traditional blend of high grown Orange Pekoe tea laves from Sri Lanka. It will stimulate your taste buds with a bright coppery liquor and a dominant aroma. The flavour is bright and brisk, stimulating your mouth with a bitey and austere finish.

1 full teaspoon per 250ml cup, brew for 2 - 5 minutes in water at 100 degrees Celsius, 1 tea spoon of sugar, for best flavour please dont brew for longer than 5 minutes

Additions: A hint of Milk if desired.
Flavour: Traditional
Strength: Medium

Ingredients: High Grown Tea from Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

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