250g - DRAGON JADE - Green Tea GP

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Rounded Large leaf green tea with a toasty character and delicate aroma. When brewing, the tea leaves which are tightly rolled into small balls, slowly open up, revealing new & amazing elements of this unique rich tea flavour.

Green tea is loaded with antioxidants that provide a number of health benefits. It helps to boost your metabolism & thereby BURN FAT, the ability to promote overall heart health & reduce the risk of cancer.

The mild, bright yellow brew relaxes & gives you a sense of tranquillity after a long hard day.


1 full teaspoon per 250ml cup, brew for two minutes in water at 95 degrees Celsius.

Be careful not to over infuse.

Additions: Hint of lemon juice
Flavour: Traditional
Strength: Medium

Ingredients: High Grown Tea (Camelia Sinensis) from Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

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