Pure Ceylon White Tea Leaves (Silver Tips) - 150g

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Silver Tips or otherwise known as white tea are known as the most expensive tea to be manufactured. This is because of its rareness and comes with very good skin benefits to the consumer. With refreshing anti-oxidants and skincare benefits, this truly is an elixir from the gods.

This is a beautiful blend of hi-grown white tea from Sri Lanka. Plucked only during spring and the least processed of all tea, silver tips are full of health benefits.

White Tea / Silver Tips are believed to be rich in Anti-ageing (skin care) properties.

1 full teaspoon per 250ml cup, brew for 4 - 6 minutes in water at 90 degrees Celsius, for best flavour please don't brew for longer than 8 minutes.

Flavour: Traditional
Strength: light

Ingredients: High Grown White Tea from Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

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